Freedom Tower
Freedom Tower from March 29, 2013.

Construction Start:

April 27, 2006

Topped Out:

August 2012




Late 2013 - Early 2014

New One World Trade Center, Also known as "One World Trade Center" Or "Freedom Tower" will be the tallest building in the New World Trade Center Site. Construction started on One World Trade Center in April 2006. In March 2009, the tower was officially renamed from Freedom Tower to One World Trade Center. It surpassed the Empire State Building as tallest building in New York City in April 2012. One world trade center will be the 3rd new world trade center to be completed. The second being Four World Trade Center. It will open in Late 2013. One World Trade Center will be the Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere, and the Tallest in New York City.


The future of One World Trade center will consist of the topping out to take place in August 2012. From there the spire will be constructed on One World Trade center, as they complete the glass cladding on the sides. It is projected that the tower will be complete by mid 2013, in which it wil open in late 2013 - early 2014.


Below are construction photos from August 2017.
Click here to see 1 WTC Picture archives. Template:August 2017

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