The New World Trade Center Complex will be a re-build proccess of the original World Trade Center Complex that got destroyed on 9/11. The new site will consist of 9 new buildings; One World Trade Center, Two World Trade Center, Three World Trade Center, Four World Trade Center, Five World Trade Center, Seven World Trade Center, Visitor Center, 9/11 Musuem, and the Transportation Hub. There is also a a 9/11 memorial that is currently finished. Only one of the World Trade Center's are finished, which is Seven World Trade Center. The New World Trade Center Site is projected to be done by 2020, if Two World Trade Center get enough tendents to build by 2015.


Currently in the New World Trade Center Site, Two World Trade Center is the closest to being complete. It is projected that Two World Trade Center will be the second building to be complete. One World Trade Center is projected to top out on July 4th, and will become the 3rd New World Trade Center to top out. The Transportation hub will be complete by 2014, and Three World Trade Center will open in 2015. Five World Trade Center will be complete and open by 2016. The 9/11 Musuem is projected to be open in 2012-2013. It is unknown when the visitor center will open. As of right now Two World Trade Center is on hold to continue building, and will likely be the last building to be complete on the New World Trade Center Site.

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